Image Reproduction offers high quality support that will meet all your litigation and case management needs. Our Professional Support Team is equipped and eager to implement a customized plan to meet your project preferences.

Service List


REPRODUCTION - Customized high speed duplication and / or cloning

Document Collection - Retrieve and return original documents from client/third parties (including affidavit for chain of custody).

Hard Copy Production - Including redactions and confidential designations.

On-Site Copying Services - Within Greater Bay Area.

DIGITAL IMAGING / SCANNING - Customized high-volume imaging / scanning in preparation for EDD



 Digital Branding

 Meta Data Extraction


 Field Population

 Electronic Formatting

Native Data Conversion

Custom Graphic Designs

FTP data storage and transfer

Paper to Digital Images - Accurate, high-quality scanning.

CD/DVD or Database Creation - Concordance, Summation, Trial Director, IPRO Database Exportation and ...etc.
Additional Services - On-site Scanning: Within the Greater Bay Area .



We will work with your team to develop a customized data processing plan to streamline your document review and analysis process. Image Repro understands the complexity of the discovery process and our goal is to provide you with a core data set that will enable you to efficiently review and produce documents in a timely well organized fashion.


* Please contract us for more details!


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 Digital Printing



 Color Copying


 Media Duplication